Do You Have Bathing Suit Blues?

Don’t Sweat It…Help Is On The Way

Bathing SuitHow long has it been since you put on a bathing suit?  Are we too self-conscious of our own bodies, does anyone really care, or is it just you.  The article below dwells into how one person felt about her body and I bet there are a lot of others out there that feel the same way.  Read how she overcame her self-doubts.

“Two years ago, I confessed a big secret. Back then, it had been eight long years since I wore a bathing suit in public. I was simply too uncomfortable “showing off” my body in that manner. No matter how much fun I was missing, my fear of judgment from others won out.

I know how silly it seems. I know that while I idolized the bodies of others, many women would cut off their arm for the chance to look like me in a bathing suit. And I know that it seems a little immature and self-centered. After all, who am I to think that anyone is even paying me any attention or cares what I’m wearing?

Still. After years of disordered eating and obsessive exercising, which I’m proud to have overcome, I just wasn’t mentally “there” yet. While I took steps to start loving my body and began to eat and exercise without extremes, I could not shake major body dissatisfaction. I did not feel like I looked good enough to parade around in next to nothing.”

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