Guilt Free Margarita

A Refreshing Diet Margarita…

MargaritaFor those who like to have a cool refreshing drink during the hot summer months, I came across this diet version of a Margarita that sounds simply delicious.  Have a read below and give one and try….

“Hello friends! Breakout the salt, lime and tequila… tomorrow is National Margarita Day! That’s right. Every year on February 22nd, you can and should enjoy yourself a few sips of the Mexican cocktail classic.

As far as cocktails go, the margarita can pack a huge sugar and caloric punch. There are few things I hate more than sweet and sour (or other pre-made margarita) mixes. They have a disgusting amount of sugar and other mystery ingredients. Loving the idea of the tequila citrus, I went on a mission to create a healthier version of the beverage.

The Fed and Fit Skinny Margarita contains a few simple ingredients: silver tequila, lime juice, orange juice, agave nectar, and sparkling mineral water. That’s it! Simple, delicious, and guiltless.

Each serving contains about 140 calories. If you opt for a more tart and somewhat paleo-approved drink,  leave out the agave nectar and save your self about 6 grams of sugar plus 27 calories.”

Read more and Get the Recipe Here by fedandfit


Hope you enjoyed the instructions for making a Margarita but do follow the low calorie ingredients so you can really enjoy them guilt free.