hCG Drops And Diet Plan Tips To Lose Weight Fast n Easy

Lose Weight Fast n Easy

I found this article below when searching the web for something, I even forget what now, but I think you might like to read it.  She or he explains how hCG Drops and hCG Diet Plan work.  I hope your will enjoy this information as much as I did and use it to help you lose weight fast n easy.  I think I will give he hCG Drops and hCG Diet Plan another go and lose my last few pounds before spring and be ready for the hot sun.

“When people hear of the hCG diet they often wonder how it works, and the answer is somewhat simple: hCG drops allow a low-calorie diet to succeed by falsely telling the body that its own internal sense of caloric balance is incorrect. The problem is that not everyone’s body can be tricked so easily. This is where homeopathic hCG remedies come into play. Homeopathic hCG treatment options come in a few different forms, but they all share some basic traits:

Chemical judo: Homeopathic hCG does not actually introduce hCG to the system, but rather causes the body to produce hCG or a similar chemical compound. This causes the body to essentially learn how to strike its own balance, a trait unique to homeopathic hCG products.

Non-addictive: While some medications are addictive by their very nature, a trait highly desired by those with an interest in manufacturing and/or selling them, homeopathic hCG solutions are non-addictive.

Long-lasting adjustments: The real benefit of homeopathic remedies of all kinds, including homeopathic hCG solutions, is that they correct long-lasting imbalances. These balances may have been incorrectly set by the organs that determine metabolism for some time, but homeopathic hCG solutions can reset those balances for a long time.

While taking the drops, your diet is very restricted (to the tune of 500 very limited calories a day). I have some friends who have all good things to say about this plan and others who had not-great results or were unable to continue because of their bodies’ reaction. The two really good things my roommate has to say are:

The weight loss has been from abnormal fat stores (all the places you really need to lose from) and not from muscle
the plan claims to reset your metabolism (even after drops are stopped) if followed strictly and correctly from start to finish


Here’s more good stuff about this from their website:

HCG interacts with the Hypothalamus gland, increasing metabolism and allowing the body to use fat as energy. Yes, you are only eating 500 calories a day, but because the HCG is in your body, you are consuming all the calories your body needs from your abnormal fat stores. You are still burning the same number of calories you burn if you ate a huge meal. But now, they are coming from your own body and not from a bowl of food. This is why your body does not go into starvation mode.

Most people with excessive weight issues tend to suffer from a low metabolism. This means your body does not burn the food you eat as fuel as efficiently as someone operating with a higher metabolism. The HCG protocol solves this issue. You will lose fat from problem areas like your hips, thighs, and buttocks without having to exercise. You will see your body transformed and reshaped as if you had undergone liposuction.

The HCG diet will reset your metabolism to that of a normal skinny person. This means, when you have finished the protocol, your body will burn food for fuel more efficiently and you will not feel abnormally hungry.”

I would like to give credit to the person who wrote the article but there was no name attached and I didn’t save the website address as I didn’t think I would use the article, so make no mistake, I am not taking credit for the article, just wanted to share the good information.

So it doesn’t matter if you take the injections, the drops or the pellets you will still lose the same amount of weight.  Personally I think the drops would be the easiest way to take the product, injecting myself each day would seem painful…but it work’s.  What an easy way to lose weight fast.