Lose Fat Around Your Waist

Gain Your Waist Back – 3 Day Diet Plan

Have you lost your waistline to love handles, has it become larger than your chest, if so Waistlinemaybe this is just the diet for you.  Find out how to get your waistline back and feel  confident again about your body –no six pack abs or bikini bellies necessary!  Just follow the diet below and you will see a weight loss around your middle.

“Reduce bloat and depuff your tum with our easy low carb diet plan.  Follow our low-GI diet plan for three days and lose weight from your middle as part of our reclaim your waist diet, exercise and lifestyle plan.

Day 1

Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad with a topping of plain natural yogurt

Snack: Hummus with crudités of carrot and celery

Lunch: Cottage cheese with a crisp mixed salad, plus herbs

Snack: Small handful of unsalted nuts

Dinner: Grilled salmon and steamed vegetables”

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