Old hCG Views Being Challenged

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HCG certainly is not new. In fact, it has   been around for several years. The reason it has been such a buzz word lately is because people are finally catching on to how they can benefit from its use. By changing and not just thinking about diets that work fast, we should be thinking about diets the work for men and diets that work for women.  Each persons nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs are now looked at and taken into consideration for weight loss goals.

“Escondido, CA — (SBWIRE) — 08/27/2013 — Scores of hCG diet plans promise fast weight loss with plans that focus on one’s immediate need to lose weight. In contrast, Diet Doc promotes both initial results as well as promoting a future of good health by designing hCG diet plans that are tailored around each patient’s individual needs and promote, not just fast weight loss, but educate the patient on the importance of making long term lifestyle changes to sustain a healthy weight well into the future.” 

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However, there are some different viewpoints all of which can be challenged.

For example, take a look at what the American Medical Association is saying…

Nutrition News: Forget the diets

An editorial in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association has some interesting food for thought about diets. The essay, “A Call for the End to the Diet Debates” by Drs. Sherry Pagoto and Bradley Appelhans, argues that it’s time for the 


 So on the one hand we know that the Diet Doc believes that diet is very important to each individual person on a whole is true, while on the other hand American Medical Association  has a completely different view, saying diet is not important … Just take a look below.

This video explains the basics of using the hCG1234  protocol, hope that helps anyone giving it a try for the first time.

Maybe it’s time to starting thinking of hCG1234 in a new way, as a whole diet lifestyle chang and not just a dieting aid.  Check out http://bestway2loseweightfast.com/hCG

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