What Do Nutritionists Eat?

Chocolate Cupcake
Got a Food Craving?  Chocolate Is Mine I got a food craving today for  chocolate cupcake with creamy chocolate butter icing.  I can't eat it even if I made it as I have a problem eating gluten.  But this nutritionist has a great idea with her Almond Hot Chocolate, that would satisfy my chocolate craving without it being gluten or loaded with fat and calories.  Read her article below for more tips... "How do these food pros indulge when a craving strikes? Get inspired b...

What – Toxic Arsenic Found in Rice Products!

How Can This Be?  Has everyone in this world today gone crazy, first we had China sending poison painted toys over here for us to buy and our children to chew on.  And then it was pet food.   Now we find that our own government regulators are allowing farmers to use arsenic in our food...I would have assumed it was coming from China but wait until you read where in the US this is coming from below. "Toxic, cancer-causing arsenic found in rice products -- even organic rice milk Monday, Septemb...

New Optimal Weight Loss Diet From Scandinavia…

Scandinavian's Seem To Know All About Weight Loss Diet's Its seems that the Scandinavian people have a little secret of food combining, to lose weight, that is different than ours.  Eating oily fish and antioxidant berries together helps reduce heart disease, strokes and cancer.  Read more below... via The Nordic diet... the Scandinavian secret coming over here This video explains why and how the Nordic Diet works ... BioTrust Products That Support Fat Loss

Dr. Oz And The hCG Diet

Dr. Oz Discusses The hCG Diet I have personally used the hCG1234 Diet drops and followed the suggested diet plan and lost a total of 33 pounds.  It was the easiest way I have ever found to help me lose weight fast n easy without feeling tired, weak and lacking food in any way.  I am glad Dr. Oz is giving the protocal a second change...you can read more below. "The HCG diet has not been without controversy, but many people claim it is effective in losing significant amounts of weigh...

Common Sense Diet Tips

Fresh Food
Diet & Exercise Without getting into politics, in the article below the author suggests that the First Lady is concerned about what children in school eat, I really don't believe that.  Sure the children are obese and it is because of lack of exercise and the fast foods they eat whether that is in-school or at home.  But here concern is over power and control and nothing else...there I said it! "More than one-third of adults in the United States are obese. In fact, the furor ov...

How Bad Are Toxins To Your Health

Rid Your Body Of Toxins Have you ever tried any natural products to rid your body of toxins?  I can say that I have not, but did use the Lemonade Diet a couple of times for weight loss and toxin removal.  I did lose weight, was not hungry and had lots of energy, even played golf while on the Lemonade drink.  I don't know if it removed toxins though I am sure it did let my body rest from having to digest foods.  Read about naturopathy as a alternative therapy to rid your body...

hCG Diet Used For Diabetes To Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast n Easy
I am really happy to read this article about Diet Doc to use hCG Diet to help Americans fight Type 11 Diabetes and help patients lose weight fast saying that lifestyles plays a huge role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.  Amazingly, some patients were able to give up their diabetes medication completely after losing weight and having their blood sugar levels return to normal. I used the hCG diet last January and in the 6 weeks I was on the hCG diet I lost 30 pounds and feel energet...