TV’s Reality Weight Loss Shows

Are They a Weight Loss Fiction?

Extreme WorkoutFun to watch, others struggling to lose weight while you sit back and watch and say “Thank God I am not that big!”  You sit there in your lounge chair with your bag of chips, glass of pop and cheer them on as they struggle to lift another weight or pump those legs on the exercise bike….

“If you have ever struggled with weight loss or aspired to maintain a healthy weight, you probably have watched a weight-loss reality show a time or two. Many have come and gone through the years. Some have been train wrecks, while others remain American household favorites. 

Among them are: “The Biggest Loser,” “Celebrity Fit Club,” “Ruby,” “My 600-Pound Life,” “I Used to Be Fat,” and “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” (now called “Extreme Weight Loss”).

Sometimes the shows can be inspiring. People are vulnerable. They are desperate to finally make some changes to save their lives. These are feelings that most Americans — about two-thirds — probably identify with.”

Read more here:  By Coshandra Dillard

Please don’t take on the attitude of this guy in the video…lose weight, but lose it safely.